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Kenneth Weathers
05-30-2017 9:07:54 PM CST
are you doing anything in 2017

04-09-2017 8:33:16 AM CST
What an inspiration your music and testimony is to many. May God bless all of your en-devours and may his grace carry you through all your days. Blessings

Carolyn Smith
03-05-2017 4:29:13 PM CST
Hey Tony I see that we have Mitch Snow as a recorder of our music I would like to know if you charge when going to Churches to sing or go on love offerings only? I would also like to order your CD's when I can

03-17-2013 8:06:09 PM CST
thank's Tony four comeing to ROSA TARA 3-17-2013

John Pedro
12-18-2011 9:15:47 AM CST
Hey Tony: Sorry we missed your Christmas program at Mountain Vally, Juanita is with me now at Rural Hall doing great. Brenda was here for a visit Firday. Love & Prayers. John&Juanita Pedro

Nancy Burton
10-02-2011 9:11:26 AM CST
Craig is spending a few days with me. He said PaPaw could sing good, he wants to be a singer just like him.I let him listen to him on the computer and Craig said, WOW Grandma how did you do that. He has ask me a thousand questions since he has been

Nancy Burton
09-06-2011 3:23:48 AM CST
Tony and Fleta, Please Pray for my arm and shoulder. I fell down 14 steps at our Condo and crushes my shoulder and broke my left arm. I was in the hospital 5 days and nursing home 33 days. I blacked out at the top, do not remember the fall. The Doctor said I could black out at any time, so I will never be able to drive, but it is Ok, I am alive. God has truly blessed me. I love to hear you sing, as soon as I am well enough to travel I will get Heather to bring me to onr of your concerts.

James & Shirley Young
07-27-2011 5:10:43 PM CST
BrotherTony; We are so looking foward to You and your lovly wife Fleta being at CenterPoint Church Sunday night. We will have a good meal after you feed us with your singing. May God Bless you and keep you in the center of His will. Jim Young

Nancy Burton
12-18-2010 2:08:35 PM CST
I enjoy hearing you sing. You have got a lot of talent.It would be nice if Craig wants to do this too one day. Hope you and Fleta have a nice Christmas.

linda hayes
10-12-2010 5:16:37 PM CST
tony i really enjoyed you today.i can see God working through you to minister to others.keep up the good work your reward is waiting GOD BLESS U N FAMILY

Regina Cockrell
09-13-2010 1:05:39 PM CST
I just wanted to thank you and Fleta for coming out to our benefit Saturday. It was such a blessing to meet you both and to hear you sing. God Bless you. Regina

Thom Slaughter
08-16-2010 6:36:59 PM CST
Hey Tony & Fleta, It was nice meeting you this weekend in Martinsburg. I will send you an email later as we need to keep in close touch brother. I so enjoyed hearing you Sat. Will talk to you later.......Thom

Lavonne White
06-06-2010 8:59:21 PM CST
Hi Tony Just got the CD you sent and it is wonderful. You are getting better all the time. Thank you so very much and keep it up!! Much love to you and Fleta.

Bobbie Walker
11-03-2009 7:02:54 PM CST
Hi you guys,the 28th of Aug. I was told I was cancer free.Well I will be finishing up my cancer treatments Wed. afternoon the 4th.of Nov.My we serve a "GREAT GOD"Would like to thank everyone that said a prayer for me and would like for you to continue to pray for me that it will never return....My prayers are with you that God will always use you for his glory.I love your singing.Keep praising Him. Bobbie

Marie Jones
10-02-2009 6:44:01 AM CST
Tony thank you so much for that great performance at Randleman Commons on Sept. 26. We had a great benefit and it looks like those veterans at Vet Safety Net Tansitional Shelter will be getting a new roof, if not this year, by spring of 2010. Thanks again for your help, you are so talented and I just know God is going to bless you for all you do. Marie Jones - President - United Hearts and Hands

Bobbie Walker
07-19-2009 10:13:30 PM CST
Tony and all, This is Brian Free's #1 fan if you don"t remember the name. Missing you. I have a prayer request. I will be going in the hospital Thurs, 23, for surgery at 11:30 AM. I was in the doctors office three days this past week. Found out thursday I have two tumors and both are cancers. They will be trying to remove them. The good news is we found them before they spread.I have lots and lots of people praying and your prayers would be greatly appreciated. God Bless each of you. Love ya, Bobbie

Carol Alger
06-29-2009 2:07:11 PM CST
Hello Tony and Fleta, I have enjoyed listening to your music and looking at your pictures and slide show. Isn't GOD the GREATEST!!! Preacher Mills message put an added song in my heart. Hope to see you on Sunday. Take care, Carol

Marie Jones
06-07-2009 10:00:22 PM CST
Tony thank you so much for singing for the veterans at Vet Safety Net in High Point. You are so talented and we will do all we can to get you in some of the churches up this way. We all really enjoyed you and will be praying for the best for you. Marie Jones-Director- United Hearts and Hands

Lavonne White
06-02-2009 9:22:49 AM CST
Hi Tony You are doing a good work in these troubled times. You are a blessing with a beard and I love ya! Keep the faith, Buddy.

John CornerIII
04-27-2009 7:01:23 PM CST
Hi Tony it's me John III, Paw Paw said you may be coming to visit. I can't WAIT see you and hear your music God Bless. John III

John Corner
04-27-2009 6:48:02 PM CST
Hey Tony, man you really do us proud. I have to tell you that we love your music and JohnIII is a huge fan. John

Lynn Carlyle
04-19-2009 4:58:22 PM CST
Many thanks to you for sharing your time and talents with the residents of Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks Salisbury. May you be blessed inyour ministry.

Heather Blackwood
04-17-2009 10:21:01 AM CST
Hey!! I was just wondering.....are you really singing at that time on June 24? HeHe!! Hope you all are well this week. Fleta, I hope you are feeling better! Craig says "Heyyyy!!!" Love Yall!!

04-06-2009 7:10:08 PM CST

Craig Blackwood
04-03-2009 11:18:25 AM CST

HEYYY!! PAW!!! I love when you sing to me. It makes me want to dance!!! Maybe when I get older I'll be a singer for the Lord just like you! I love you, PaPaw!!

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